Thursday, March 18, 2010

who is the entertainer ?

This post is about an IPL match which I witnessed recently. I had no other option other than going with my roomies. To my surprise , it was Mokka who arranged the tickets for us. Bcoz mokka konwledge level in cricket is astounding, he still thinks that Kapil Dev is the Captain of Indian Cricket team (Don ask whether I have great a knowledge in cricket).

@ 1:00 pm . Mokka asks everybody to be at gate 17 by 2.30 pm and he left for his first lunch
 As we people are known for punctuality , we reported there by 2.45 pm at gate 16 (where we are not supposed to go). Mokka was bit late after having his second lunch, so we showed some sigh of relief...

@ 2:50 pm . I was not sure where the gate 17 I went on to one of the security guy near gate 16 to en-quire where that hell is..
Me : Can you tell me where gate 17 is ? (In foreign accent of English)
Some one in back ground : இவனுக்கு தமிழே வராது , இதுல English வேற !!!!
Security ,After giving me disgusting looks (Since I was wearing coolers)  uttered  "Next to gate 16".
I was taken aback by that fellows intelligence  and Narayanan was happy after seeing  me pissed off....

@ 3.00 pm. Some how we people managed to stand in queue and a great supporter of cricket Kelavi and rose arrived (There's a good chemistry going between Rose and Kelavi ). Kelavi calls himself a great cricketer , and seriously I dunno why he gets outs with in 2 balls whenever I see him playing cricket. By the mean time we all have become RCB fans. Narayanan had painted Indian flag in his face..(அவன் மூஞ்சியில் சானியே அடிக்கலாம் )...what a pathetic situation for Indian flag !!. I had RCB band on my head and peoples around started giving me weird looks, but I never mind those...

Since most of us were supporting RCB, Kelavi and Rose became KingsXI supporters (to show their uniqueness). Kelavi said "Its punjab who is going to win". As soon as he completed the sentence ,the fate of the match was decided - "Damn sure,Its RCB who is going to win ". Even God can't change the fate decided by our Kelavi. I lost the interest in the match after Kelavi decided the result of the match.

Match Bookers can use Kelavi for "Match fixing" instead of dumping crores of rupees on players, provided he supports the opponents team.

@ 4.05 pm : After great struggle, we got into the stadium and took our seats. Since I am watching the match in stadium for first time , I was like a child in a candy store. Dunno where to look.. electrifying crowd ? or  cricket players? or Preity Zinda ? or cheer leaders?. It was the last two who drew my attention more.
Some point of time I said "Ground looks so small , even I can hit a six". Guys around me remained silent meaning to say that they have used greatest ever bad words to appreciate me.

@ 5:30 pm: After some entertainment from Punjab , it was the innings break.Kings XI had posted a mammoth total of 203 and home crowd  lost hopes with RCB. But me and friends were confident for 100% that RCB would win , poor crowd they did not know the potential of Kelavi's words. By the mean-time Rose had to attend one natural call. Narayanan showed the way for gents section. But Rose showed signs of disgust even though ladies section was nearby and he expressed that he can't attend a natural call there! . Then I realized how the soceity has been cruel to rose kind of people.

@ 6:30 pm: Turning point of match.. It was Sreesanth who had the ball and Uthappa was at the striker end. It was six, six , four ,six... and that over ended with 25 runs and RCB took control over the match. At that moment ,home crowd would have thought it was God who had sent Uthappa. Real fact is Kelavi was watching the match and he was supporting Sreesanth. Dancing till that momnet, Kelavi went silent after that.
Narayanan and Rose were on their feet ,cheering and dancing. I feel pity for the crowd who witnessed that. Since Narayanan drew greater attention, I joined the party (hoping no one would have noticed me)...

@ 7:30 pm: Match ended as expected, RCB chased down a great total and the home crowd was on their feet. It was Kelavi who had a sad face and we were happy to see that.. I dunno why the whole universe is against him.

That's the end of IPL extravaganza....
Still lot to come..

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

To begin with...

Yep. I have become a blogger now. From now on,  I can put the so called 'Mokkai' in the form of blogs. Don think that I was inspired by some-one and started blogging. To be true, I am vetty(have no useful work) as of now.To begin the things with , I will introduce the characters who will play major roles in the upcoming blogs.                                                                                                                  

          'Kelavi ' -  Don think that I am introducing an old lady, he is young, stupid , almost bald guy.I will reveal why he got that name 'kelavi' in one of the episodes later. He is well-known for his '' irrelevant statements according to the current situation" .for e.g when the conversation is going about the cricket match, he will say ''Ajith is a great actor''.When he says something will happen,for sure it wont happen.

          Next, 'Rose'- His favourite serial is 'Ippadikku rose', that's why he got his name. His splendid style, attractive speech exactly resembles that serial anchor. He is well known for his fluency in Hindi language(for God sake , do not ask him any thing in Hindi for which he has only one reply and you have no other option other than committing suicide) .

          'Mokka' - my guru from who I acquired the greatest  of all skills 'Mokkai'. His major concerns are food and films. He eats lunch twice and dinner thrice. Interesting thing is he never speaks while he eats. If you want to get rid of him, get some thing for him to eat (that too in large quantities, bcoz mokka eats very fast).  
         'Kundan' - A guy completely fit to live in forest. He almost spends an hour in bathrooms (don ask what he does). He is a person who does 'surya namaskaram' in a place where you wont get a glimpse of sun at any cost. He proudly says that he is a Deepika padugone fan , but the sad part is he doesn't know who Deepika is! (blind fellow indeed).

        'Narayana' - He became a great revolutionary by breaking all the rules of relation-ship.He knows the trick of converting a lover to a sister within no time. By any-chance do not start any conversation with him, you will go mad. He thinks himself a great dancer and tries creating some dance movements and the spectators who saw those dance steps showed signs of  vomit-ting sensation.Any thing in the world can change, but his mouth never goes shut.
              These are the funny faces of different characters which I have created . Don take these characters to be funny always , they have some serious face as well...(which will be even more funnier)
              End of my first blog , an IPL match experience to come next......